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Uff. Sono in quarantena fiduciaria. Oggi pomeriggio mi è arrivata una notifica di immuni che sono stato a contatto con un positivo al
Adesso mi tocca aspettare chissà quanto per il tampone. Sperem

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The current desktop os market is rather depressing. Here's a short overview.

:windows:: ALL YOUR DATUM ARE BELONG TO US! But hey, here's some Candy Crush in your start menu :comfygamer: No, you must update you system first or we will do it for you :comfyevil:
Windows 10S: what's setup.exe lol? :comfyeyes:

:apple:: Our new incredible unbelievable fucking amazing system will make you 10x more creative and provide truly awesome experience :comfyartist: But only on our hardware. No, we don't do desktops anymore, except this box. What? Yes, it is twice as slow as your Threadripper rig with nvidia while at the same time four times more expensive*. But look how shiny it is! Also we hate nvidia.
* The stand is sold separately for only $999.99

:linux:: Yes, it's free. But only if you hate yourself and have a lot of time on your hands. And we'll fuck up your favorite filesystem because we hate the license it's under, even though it's :rms:-approved. And our developers all hate each other. And many of them hate you as well.
:archlinux:: btw I use arch lol
:debian:: No, this software was released after 1997, so we can't include it because it's too new.
:gentoo:: INSTALL GENTOO! You already installed gentoo? INSTALL GENTOO AGAIN!
Any wayland distro: We hate nvidia too! High five :apple: !
NixOS: no free space available

:android: (yes, some use it as a desktop os lol): Welcome to GOOLAG! Here's an ad. Here's another one. Ooops! Your phone is no longer supported! :comfyderp:

:freebsd:: We need new developers to become cooler than :linux:, so we're gonna hire a diversity consultant and implement this new shiny code of conduct while at the same time totally disregarding any concerns of our users and old developers! Wait, why are our old developers leaving the project? Where have our donations gone? Oh crap... :comfywat:

:openbsd:: You want a good desktop experience? Fuck you! Want drivers for your hardware? Fuck you! Want good performance? Fuck you! All those things prevent us from making our system secure! And by secure, we mean lacking any software that could be exploited. And no, that CVE totally didn't count! No, that another one didn't count either! Actually, go fuck yourself anyway! :chadhead:

Did I miss anything?
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New to this platform. Looking to make friends and connections in the linux community! :archlinux:

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Back on mastodon after quite a few months. good to be here truly

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Come si gestiscono i CONTENUTI ANTISOCIALI su

Puoi SILENZIARE un UTENTE: non lo vedrai più.

Puoi BLOCCARE un UTENTE: lui non ti vedrà più.

Se il problema non è un UTENTE, ma un NODO (istanza) antisociale, puoi NASCONDERE tutto quello che arriva da quel nodo.

Se il problema richiede un intervento puoi SEGNALARE un UTENTE per la moderazione su, e INOLTRARE in copia la segnalazione al NODO (istanza) su cui è registrato quell'utente.


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Di recente l'estensione Nano Defender è diventata un malware. Se l'avete installata è il caso di disinstallarla immediatamente. Se avete qualche dubbio su uBlock Origin invece non temete: è ancora super sicuro! 🛡
#alternative #nanodefender // LINK ->

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Questo weekend è il Linux Day! 🐧 Lo sapevate che si può provare Linux anche senza rischiare di rompere il proprio computer? E che ormai Linux è ormai alla portata di tutti?
#alternative #linux #linuxday // LINK ->

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Ma sti ristoranti che chiudono dopo le 24 dove stanno? A Times Square? Perché alla trattoria dietro casa già alle undici passano con le mazze.

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Mild Hades spoilers 

Stumbling out of the final boss fight everytime like-

#hades #meme #art #MastoArt

Got Kids? Limit Computer Usage Per Account in With Timekpr-nExt - It's FOSS

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🐘 If you tried Mastodon and you "got bored" quickly, you were using it wrong.

Here's how to fix it:

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Excellent resource for weather forecasting. They have a lot of functionality AND they report their short term (3 days) accuracy for each chosen place on Earth. For verification they use the closest meteo station.

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